Massive support for a large project

Mr. Ho is a director of the BVI offshore company. The company holds five residential properties and car parking spaces in Hong Kong, with a total value of approximately HK$130,000,000. The company was planning to develop a real estate project on the Mainland, and needed HK$50,000,000 in short-term liquidity. Mr. Ho was referred to HY Credit by his business partner, who told him HY Credit could provide large loan amounts and cover the financing he needed. So he applied to us for a mortgage.

Our customer service and credit managers assessed the case right away and approved a loan of over 80% of the valuation of the properties. To Mr. Ho’s surprise, his financial problem was solved almost immediately as he received the cash the very same day. To protect our customer’s absolute privacy and the confidentiality of the project, all procedures were followed personally by one of our professional customer service managers from start to finish.